Mat's Quest

Sal Nistico

"​Whatever Mountain you choose to climb..... We will join you in every step!" ~ Mat Jones

We believe in YOU!

Mat's Quest believed in me 5 years ago and supported me and gave me a life changing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am once again on a quest of my own now to hold myself accountable!! Mat you will always be my hero!! You and Dr. Walton! ~ Trina S.

Welcome to Mat's Quest!


OK.... So what is this "Quest" all about? In December of 2007, I made the decision to change the direction of my life. More importantly the direction of my health. I spent many years of my life well over three hundred pounds and,  most over four hundred pounds. March 10th, 2008, I underwent a surgical procedure called the "Gastric sleeve." In the following twelve months, through lifestyle change, exercise, determination, and the support of my family and friends, I lost two-hundred and sixty pounds. After my journey to Nepal, Everest Base Camp, and climbing Imja Tse, what was next? Our goal at Mat's Quest is to lead people into a healthy, active, non-sedentary lifestyle that motivates others to do the same. You do not have to climb mountains, or compete in Ironman triathlons.... Crawl, walk, run, swim, bike, bowl, hike whatever gets you active. Mat's Quest was developed to advocate, motivate and educate morbidly obese Americans, and show what is possible through Head, Heart, and Accountability. Mat's Quest is a resource for patient advocacy, fund raising, diet and exercise plans; as well as, spiritual health. If you or a loved one needs help in any of these areas please let us help!

Morbid obesity is defined as 100 pounds or greater than ideal body weight for your age, and height. Accompanied by other life-threatening conditions. Morbid obesity currently affects 15.5 million American adults. That is 15,500,000! This condition leads to other life threatening conditions such as, hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, and degeneration, sleep apnea, and well... death! The CDC estimates morbid obesity cost Americans $210 billion (9 Zero's) per year in health care related cost. There is hope... As Americans we need to stand up to insurance companies, HMO's, and lobbyist and make this disease recognized as just that, a disease and not a lifestyle choice. Eating right, and exercise do work, but the failure rate is 97% for the morbidly obese. Join me in my "Quest"!

A little background... July 5th of 1980 my Grandfather took my father, my brother, and myself fishing. Only three of us came home. My Grandfather, George Woodrow Mathis died of a massive coronary, right on the bank of the pond. His oldest son Gene Mathis, died from an acute myocardial infarction at 60, Gene's oldest son my cousin Marshall died at 42 from an acute MI. My Aunt Pam Terry, dead at 46 from an acute MI! My point being, it's not if I would have a heart attack, but when and how severe will it be? I started thinking about my family, and how I don't want my kid's to grow up without a father. I made the decision to change my life,and theirs by changing our sedentary lifestyle, and eating healthy. If you, or someone you know needs help getting started. Use the contact page!